Storage Containers

A comprehensive range of storage solutions that can purchased individually or in bulk for extra savings.

Euro containers - Robust grey plastic containers that can interstack modularly with various sizes.

Multi-Coloured Euro containers with lids - They can be stacked when the lid is closed or nested to save space when not in use and lid is open.

Plastic Louvre Bins - A simple and effective small parts storage system for a wide range of materials. 

Clearbox Storage Units - The ideal dust-free storage and display system for the warehouse, workshop, retail and trade.


Euro Containers

Euro Containers
Starting From: £5.00Buy Now

Multi-Coloured Euro containers with lids

Multi-Coloured Euro containers with lids
Starting From: £23.20Buy Now

Plastic Louvre Bins

Plastic Louvre Bins
Model: RH-LOUV-B-X
Starting From: £22.90Buy Now

Clearbox Storage Units

Clearbox Storage Units
Model: Rh-CLEAR-X
Starting From: £10.60Buy Now

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