Drum Pallet Racking

Drum Pallet Racking - Modular pallet racking system that provides a flexible and expandable storage system for 200/220 litre steel drums.

Each pallet unit holds 2 drums and can be stacked up to 3 units high.

Pallet units are of strong, welded steel construction with forklift pockets and pallet feet.

Extras include sump units for spillage containment, drum rotating sets, retaining bars and dispenser stands.

Dual Drum Pallet Rack

Dual Drum Pallet Rack
Model: RH-DS100
Starting From: £260.50Buy Now

Drum Sump

Drum Sump
Model: RH-DS2
Starting From: £238.20Buy Now

Rotation Unit

Rotation Unit
Model: RH-DS101
Starting From: £57.90Buy Now

Retaining Bars

Retaining Bars
Model: RH-DS102
Starting From: £44.70Buy Now

Dispenser Stand

Dispenser Stand
Model: RH-DS103
Starting From: £59.20Buy Now

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