Hand Gritting & De-Icing

Shoulder Mount & Handheld Spreaders - Spreaders for hand-held or shoulder-mounted use with salt and icemelt.

The DM-3400 easily scoops material from bags or boxes and is ergonomically designed for use by even the smallest hands. 

The DM-2750 (left) is shoulder mounted with a zip up bag to hold the material and a variable shutoff to control spreading patterns.

The DM-68108 is a shoulder-mounted sprayer used for liquid icemelt.

Salt Scoop & Spreader 3400

Salt Scoop & Spreader 3400
Model: DM-EVS0007A
Starting From: £24.99Buy Now

Shoulder Mounted Salt Spreader

Shoulder Mounted Salt Spreader
Model: DM-EVS2750
Starting From: £69.00Buy Now

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