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ESD Chrome Wire Shelving – Width 1070mm – 305mm to 610mm Deep

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More Information


ESD Standard Chrome Wire Shelving 1070mm Wide

When storing electrical devices on metal shelving or trolleys, then it is important to ensure it is ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) safe to protect sensitive electrical components.
All connections, shelf couplings and rack feet are metal connections ensuring good earth grounding.

Shelves: 4 (Optional Shelves available)

Height: 1625mm (Optional increases to 1820mm or 2130mm)

Depth: 305mm, 355mm, 460mm or 610mm

Shelf Load (UDL): Uniform Distributed Load

Static Unit: 300Kg Per Shelf

Bay Load: 1200Kg (with 100mm Castors 240Kg)

All bays include 4 x uprights with adjustable feet, 4 x shelves and plastic collars. Extension bay includes only 2 x uprights and two S Clips per shelf to connect to the starter bay.

About Our ESD Chrome Wire Shelving

Our ESD safe chrome wire shelving is available in the full range of sizes and accessories including trolleys.

When storing electronic devices on metal shelving or trolleys it is important to ensure it is ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) safe. Intense heat from ESD can melt or vaporize the small parts in the devices, causing them to stop working or shorten the components life.

All our Eclipse ESD Chrome wire shelving or trolleys are fitted with conductive collars with metal base plates, conductive feet or anti-static castors.

Our ESD Chrome Frame Wire shelving system offers simple to build and stylish storage solution offering excellent light distribution onto the products displayed.

  • Nickel Chrome finish
  • Metal Shelf Collars
  • Metal Feet
  • Optional – Metal Base Plates
  • Optional – Anti-Static Castors
  • Excellent light and air circulation
  • No tools, simply slots together
  • Shelf loads up to 300kgs UDL
  • Shelf pitch every 25mm
  • No interfering uprights in corners
  • 25mm diameter post

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