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Magnum 575P/1075V Grit Spreader with Trailer

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Magnum S575P & S1075P RDR spreaders with trailer and vibrator kit

Featuring a large 160/340kg load capacities they are ideal for gritting large areas. 

The spreaders features a variable controller for precise material spread, with a spread pattern of up to 9 metres. 

The spreader hoppers are manufactured from tough and durable polyethylene, requiring low maintenance. 

The Magnum S575P & S1075P are suitable for mounting on class 1 trucks, 4×4 vehicles and utility vehicles. 

The spreaders are fitted with a vibrator kit as standard, which is controlled remotely by the operator and keeps the material flowing freely. The vibrator controller is fitted to the outside of the hopper. 

Request a Demonstration

Magnum is famous for robust and reliable spreading equipment with some of the best warranties available.  We want you to be totally happy with your choice so we are happy to arrange an onsite demonstration so you can discover just how good these units are. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. (Visits are subject to location and stock availability – on site demonstrations are available with S575P, S1075V and all HST/DLX Insert Spreaders)

The spreader is suitable for use with dry grit or rock salt, processed salt or ice melts.

  • Can be towed by anything capable of towing from quad bike or UTV/ATV upwards
  • Includes Vibrator kit with 200lb vibration and baffle plate to improve flow of poorer materials
  • Electrically driven and connects to vehicle via standard 25 mm square receiver hitch mount – Does not apply when using trailer
  • Industry Leading Warranty 3 years on everything – 5 Year on structure
  • Corrosion proof poly hopper and powder coated steel chassis
  • No maintenance or servicing required
  • Surge protected motor to ensure longer machine life
  • Material: sand and salts
  • Cab mounted control box with fully variable spread width and performance feedback 
  • Fully variable spread width from 1 – 9 metres
  • Easy to plug and unplug when not in use




Motor: 1/2 HP (350 watt) 

Capacity: 160Kgs

Material: Bagged rock salt

Dimensions: 124.5cm x 90.2cm x 63.5cm

Weight: 54.4Kgs (Empty)

Warranty: 3/5 Years


Motor: 1/2 HP (350 watt) 

Capacity: 340Kgs

Material: Bagged rock salt

Dimensions: 136cm x 113cm x 63.5cm

Weight: 98 Kgs (Empty)

Warranty: 3/5 Years




Flow Gate – The flow gate control can be fitted to all Magnum spreaders and allows the operator to set the flow rate based on the material being spread.

Magnum road kit – Includes a lighting board and fixings to attach to the magnum trailer.

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