Justrite Liquid Plunger Cans

Justrite Plunger Cans – FM tested and approved, the galvanised steel can is fitted with a perforated steel dasher and a brass plunger and is designed to moisten cloths, tissues, etc. The downward movement of the dasher pumps liquid onto the cloth, any surplus draining safely back to the main reservoir. The unit comes with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

Justrite Bench Cans – Safely contain and dispense hazardous and flammable liquids for use on the work bench. Ideal for soaking large swabs/small parts etc. The dasher, which acts as a flame arrestor, is spring-loaded and perforated (press down to soak, release and it returns to drain position). The hinged lid helps minimize evaporation.

Justrite Liquid Dispensing Bottles – HDPE dispensing bottles used to control the delivery of solvents and other hazardous liquids in the workplace. Help control usage of fluids and avoid spillage and subsequent fire risk.

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Showing all 20 results