Shelving & Racking

Supershelf™ is probably one of the most versatile shelving systems on the market, with its variety of interchangeable and multipurpose components it can be adapted to suit an endless variety of applications including : Shortspan and Longspan, Garment Hanging, Archive Storage, Tyre Racking, Workshop and Garage Shelving and much more.

Our bar, pipe and tube racks are specially designed racks for bar, rod, tube and pipe materials. Choose from vertical bar racks in 3 different sizes, single and double sided horizontal bar racks plus stacking bar cradles to build modular bar or tube storage system. 

Vertical storage racks for sheet, board and plate materials. Choice of units ranging from 4 to 10 bays wide – width between bays 160mm. Capacity of 1000Kgs per bay. Intermediate floor bracing for sheet support. 

Plastic Bin Panels & Trolleys – Wall mounted tool, louvre and tilt bin panels for organising tools and components in home or factory workshop. Full range of tool hooks and clips available, as well as plastic bin containers in four standard sizes.

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