Justrite Waste Cans

Justrite Polyethylene Self Close Corrosives Cans

Manufactured from high density ” natural ” polyethylene, corrosive waste containers have been specifically designed to resist acids and caustics. The translucency of the material allows you to see the level of the liquid inside the container, which helps reduce the risk of over-filling. The fittings of the self-closing lid are stainless steel. THey are for use with non-flammables only.

Justrite Waste Cans for Flammable Solvent Waste

Manufactured from high density polyethylene and coloured red to warn of their flammable contents these waste cans are ideal for safely collecting waste flammable solvents. These cans have a wide neck with self-closing lid and a latch-open feature to aid use. The contents are protected from fire by a flame arrestor. Three models with capacity from 8 to 19 litres; models are available with plated steel or stainless steel hardware.

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Showing all 14 results