Combination Ladders

Combination Ladders allow you to work in many difficult situations and give you many ladder types all in one.

Great Brands Including: Abru, Arrow, Promaster, Werner, Pinnacle, Summit, Horizon, Centaure, Little Giant and much More…….

Combination ladders enable you to have a single ladder for many jobs. From 3 to 14 combinations ladders can be configured as an extension ladder, a stepladder or stairwell ladder, trestle and work platforms. 

All combination ladders save space but the Telesteps telescopic range provides maximum flexibility and ease of transportation.

We also offer a range of multi-layer glass fibre Combination Ladders that are perfect for working around electricity.

All models are manufactured in the to the very highest standards including (BS 2037 Class 1, BS 2037 Class 3 and EN 131)to ensure efficiency in use, safety and stability and many years of service

At Seltek Warehouse we specialise in finding the best products for business customers, trade and industrial and offer them at very competitive prices.

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Showing all 11 results