Bunded Sump Pallets

POLYETHYLENE SUMP PALLET BASES – Effective first line of defence against leaks or spillage of liquids contaminating the ground or water course. Use anywhere where drums would otherwise be sat directly on the floor or ground. Including The Spilguard Pallet Converter – Providing full protection against spillage whilst allowing the drums to remain on their shipping pallet.

SUMP PALLETS WITH COVERS – Polyethylene sump pallets for storing up to 8 x 205 litre drums or 1 or 2 Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) out of doors. These units are fitted with soft covers which enable them to be stored outside without the risk of rainwater filling the sump. Hard covered polyethylene sump pallets for storing 5 litre cans through to 205 litre drums.

POLYETHYLENE EUROPALLET SUMPS – Polyethylene sump pallets that can be positioned directly on the floor or mounted on a Europallet. Manufactured from high quality recycled PE they offer high chemical resistance and a collection capacity up to 250 litres. Versions with locking pins for Europallets, feet, runners or castors, with or without steel or PE grating.

POLYETHYLENE DRUM CRADLES – Two low cost systems that enable you to store and dispense from your drums safely. The PDC holds a single 205 litre drum or turn it over and it will hold a single 100 litre drum or two 25 litre drums. The PHD2 holds two 205 litre drums horizontally with a sump to collect spillage and by adding the PSP1 stacking unit a further two drums can be added.

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Showing all 40 results