Pallet Trucks

HAND PALLET TRUCKS – Pallet Trucks – Economy, Heavy Duty & Adjustable Ranges, including Stainless steel and galvanised pallet trucks for use in food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.  Many options available plus special sizes and configurations on request. Light- weight and economy models available at very low prices.

ROUGH TERRAIN PALLET TRUCKS – For applications such as builders yards, farms, garden centres etc. Very useful out on site, where there is only an occasional need for moving pallets by forklift, or where no ordinary forklift or even pallet truck can go (eg. rooftops where forklifts aren’t allowed).

SPECIAL PALLET TRUCKS – A good range of standard models is available but specials can be manufactured on request based on our entire range. Weigh scale pallet trucks have built in electronic scales for easy measurement of pallet contents. High lift pallet trucks raising pallets to a comfortable working height.

POWERED PALLET TRUCKS – Our range of powered and semi-powered pallet trucks make light work of moving large numbers of pallets with maximum safety and minimum fatigue for operators. Ideal for use in warehouse, stores and hospitals their ease of use will improve operator comfort and increase productivity and efficiency. Special capacities on request plus option for stainless steel construction. 

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