Sack Trucks

75+ models of sack truck to choose from. 

Traditional sack trucks – Models and prices top suit the light user, business or industrial user.
Lightweight Aluminium Folding Sack Trucks – Capacities from 35 to 200Kg
Special Purpose Sack Trucks – Sack Trucks for those dedicated jobs.
Euro Handle Sack Trucks – With continuous loop handles give convenient handling at all angles.
Heavy Duty Sack Trucks – With large diameter wheels cope with rough terrain and uneven ground easily. 
Stainless & Zinc Sack Trucks – High specification range of sack trucks for the food, drink & pharmaceutical industry or anywhere where hygiene is key.
Stair Climber Sack Trucks – Many different models of stair-climber include light duty folding stair trolleys easily carried in a van or car boot.
2 and 3 Position Sack Trucks – You can choose to use these models as a simple sack truck, bag trolley or flat-bed trolley.

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