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Four Drum Galvanised Steel Spill Pallet

  • Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
  • Certified Watertight
  • Anti-Cut Steel Processing
  • Nestable
  • Removable Grid
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    • Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
    • Certified Watertight
    • Anti-Cut Steel Processing
    • Nestable
    • Removable Grid
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4 (Four) Drum nestable galvanised steel spill pallet designed to safely contain chemical, hazardous, and polluting liquids by International and EU regulations, prioritising both human safety and environmental protection.


Dimensions: Length 1200mm x Depth 1200mm x Height 300mm
Fork Pocket Height: 100mm
Quantity of 250 Litre Drums: 4
Material: Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel
Sump Capacity: 270 Litres

Please note that for our standard delivery, you will require a forklift to unload. Please contact us for any special delivery requirements.

Our standard models include galvanised spill pallets for one, two and four 205-litre drums. The anti-cut design and hot-dip galvanised steel grid facilitate easy and secure cleansing and inspection operations.

These hot-dipped galvanised spill palettes are constructed from premium, traceable steel and boast a sturdy and durable structure. Each unit undergoes rigorous welding and watertight testing, adhering to UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021 standards for optimal safety and longevity.

Rest assured, our galvanised steel drum spill pallets provide maximum safety in spills, drum failures, or ruptures. Compliant with regulations such as D.Lgs no.81/2008, D.Lgs no.22/1997, D.Lgs no.151/2006, and EU Directives 91/156/EEC, 91/689/EEC, and 94/62/EC, our solutions offer peace of mind while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our spill containment pallets with sump capacities below 1000 litres also adhere to the StawaR Directive.

Our spill containment pallets can be equipped with internal plastic coatings tailored for acids and other corrosive liquids, a popular option on request for added protection against corrosive substances. This innovative feature combines the resilience of polyethylene pallets with the robustness of steel bunds. Additional accessories, such as splash guards and supports, are also available.


  • Traceable, certified steel ensures a sturdy, durable structure.
  • Hot-dip galvanised grid for heavy-duty use and easy manual operations.
  • Watertight, quality welding certified per UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021 standards.
  • STAWAR compliant for models under 1000-liter capacity.
  • Anti-cut steel processing enhances safety during manual operations.
  • Forklift access ensures safe, stable handling with pallet trucks.
  • A galvanised steel structure minimises storage and transport costs with a nestable design.
  • Optional polyethylene coating resists acids, combining strength with corrosion resistance.

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