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350 Litre Heated Self Contained Aqua Safety Shower

  • 350 Litre Emergency Shower
  • Built in Eye Wash Station
  • Built in Water Heater
  • 5 Minutes s Tepid Water Flow
  • One-Piece Insulated GRP Tank
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    • 350 Litre Emergency Shower
    • Built in Eye Wash Station
    • Built in Water Heater
    • 5 Minutes s Tepid Water Flow
    • One-Piece Insulated GRP Tank
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Our 350-litre Tank-Fed Heated Safety Shower from Aqua Safety Showers is meticulously engineered for optimal safety across diverse working environments. This self-contained system ensures a consistent tepid water supply for over 5 minutes, eliminating the dependency on a mains water connection.

It is a corrosion-resistant heated safety shower suitable for hazardous or non-hazardous environments. It is manufactured with a robust stainless steel framework and a one-piece insulated GRP header tank.

You can improve your safety protocols with photo-luminous pictorial signs, offering heightened visibility for swift and efficient locations in low-light conditions. The shower is proudly manufactured in the UK and adheres to the highest quality standards.

Standard features include a water level indicator, temperature display, testing lever, and the added convenience of water heating.

The Emergency Safety Shower is built for enduring performance, guaranteeing a trouble-free and extended lifespan.

You can explore a range of optional extras tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Please Note – We are showing popular shower configurations, but we can change the specifications to suit your budget or technical requirements.

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  • Green GRP 350L header tank mounted on a stainless steel frame
  • Photo-luminous pictorial signs on all sides of the tank
  • Full side & rear GRP panelling to reduce overspray and protect from the elements
  • Heavy duty GRP eyewash (fitted externally on the left-hand side) – minimum 1.5 lpm
  • Hand-activated (panic bar) emergency shower (76 lpm for 5 minutes)
  • Water heater (1.25Kw) set at 18-20°C
  • Digital water temperature display
  • Water temperature alarm (low/High)
  • Water level indicator
  • External reset/testing lever
  • Location: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Installation: Free Standing / Floor Mounted


Shower GRP floor-operated platform
Stainless foot treadle for eyebath
Remote alarm for shower and eyebath (including JB-safe area/non-hazardous)
Audible and visual alarms fitted on the unit, including JB-safe area/non-hazardous.
Led low energy lamp with 3hr battery backup fitted to any shower (excluding ATEX showers)
Drain sump – 2″ BSP (F) outlet on back.
Inspection ladders for tank shower.


  • Over 5 minutes of tepid water, no main supply needed, self-contained.
  • Built-in water heater for continuous warm water supply.
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant construction ensures durability and longevity.
  • One-piece insulated GRP tank maintains optimal water temperature.
  • Illuminated signs for quick location, even in low light conditions.
  • Includes water level indicator, temperature display, and testing lever.
  • No mains water supply is required, offering installation flexibility.
  • Manufactured in-house in the UK for quality assurance.
  • Numerous optional extras available for customised safety solutions.

Technical Information

TEMPERATURE: -25°C to +60°C (water chiller recommended for temperatures above 35°C)
INLET CONNECTION: 1” BSPM (flanged options available)
SHOWER DRAIN OUTLET CONNECTION – if fitted: 2” BSPF (flanged options available)
BALL FLOAT VALVES for quick refill: 2 x ¾” stainless valves with 6” plastic floats
SHOWER OPERATION: Panic bar (GRP foot platform as option)
EYEBATH OPERATION: Lift lid (stainless foot operation as option)
SIGNAGE: Self-adhesive photoluminous pictorial sign
HEADER TANK: 350L green insulated GRP (other colours available)
HEADER TANK LID: White insulated GRP
SHOWER FRAME: 304 stainless steel as standard (316 as option)
OPERATING VALVES: Stainless steel
SHOWER ROSE: Yellow – ABS (stainless as options)
PANIC BAR/TESTING LEVER: Stainless steel (powder coated red for high visibility)
PANELLING – if fitted: Side & rear – green GRP
SHOWER PLATFORM – if fitted: Yellow non-slip GRP
OVERHEAD SUN CANOPY – if fitted: White insulated GRP
EYEBATH – if fitted: Yellow GRP + 2 low pressure nozzles
EYEBATH FOOT TREADLE – if fitted: Stainless steel (powder coated red for high visibility)
TEMPERATURE GAUGE – if fitted: Stainless steel – 150mm diameter
WATER HEATER – if fitted: 2.4Kw (Non-hazardous), 3Kw (ATEX)



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