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Guard Dog Low Profile 1 Channel Cable and Hose Protector ADA

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More Information


Guard Dog Low Profile 1 Channel Cable and Hose Protector With ADA Ramps for cables up to 19mm OD

L – 914mm (36") x W – 690mm (27.25") x H – 31.8mm (1.25")

Note* Low Profile ADA and Low Profile Non-ADA products do not mate.

The most compact top-loading cable protectors on the market. 

The Guard Dog Low Profile units provide a safer crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, while still maintaining a high load-bearing capacity for heavy equipment. 

Why Buy?

  • Built-In ADA/DDA Ramps
  • Protects cables and hoses up to 19mm outside diameter
  • Dog Bone Connectors to extend to any length
  • Reinforced hinged lid for easy cable placement
  • All-weather polyurethane construction
  • Patented 5-bar tread surface for maximum traction
  • Easy to transport, setup, disassemble, and store
  • Ideal to use at Public Events, Oil & Gas applications, Mining, Military, and Other Industrial Environments with Heavy Trucks and Forklifts

Why Use Polyurethane Cable/Hose Protectors Rather Than Rubber

Up to 75% lighter, easier to handle and less costly to ship
Withstands repetitive impact & abuse over longer periods of time
Manufactured in the USA and meets all regulatory requirements
Superior load bearing capacity
Better oil, chemical, fuel & lubricant resistance
Higher cut & tear resistance
Higher abrasion resistance
UV Stable
Doesn’t smell like some imported rubber products
Broader hardness range
Compliance – RoHS Compliant – SVHC Compliant – CE Certified

Technical Information

Technical details:


Connector: Dog Bone Shaped

Colour: Orange/Black

Length: 914mm (36″)

Width: 692.2mm (27.25″)

Height: 31.8mm (1.25″)

Channel Width: 57.2 x 19mm (2.25 x 0.75″)

Unit Weight: 9.55Kg

Load Capacity: 10432Kg (Per Tyre) 20864Kg (Per Axle) – Tested @ 21°C


Material: Polyurethane (UV stabilized)

Operating Temperature: -40° C to 48°C (-40°F to 120°F)

Hing Pin: Reinforced fiberglass (where applicable)

Safety Symbols: Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991 (where applicable)

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