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Heavy Duty Towing Trailer – Ackerman Steering – 2000Kg

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2000Kgs Capacity Ackerman Trailer

Deck Height: 515mm with Solid Wheels; 550mm with Pneumatic Wheels.

Wheels: Solid – 400x100mm; Pneu. 500x120mm (Diameter x Tread)

About Heavy Duty Towing Trailers With Double Ackerman Steering

Double Ackerman steering mechanism for maximum stability and accurate tracking in train.

Capacities from 1 tonne to 3 tonne. 

Fully welded steel chassis. 

Anti drop towbar with 35mm tow eye. 

Rear hitch and pin. 

Blue epoxy finish. 

Flush ply decks – sanded and coated. 

Choice of solid rubber and pneumatic tyred wheels.

Prices on application for other sizes and capacities, fitted side and headboards, steel decks. 

Any superstructure designed to your specification.

Maximum towing speed 8Kph (5mph).

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