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Justrite Aerosolv – Aerosol Can Disposal System

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Aerosolv® – Aerosol Can Disposal System

Fast Payback after safe recycling in as little as 145 cans

Based on what?

Option 1 – For many customers they could just be throwing used cans (approx. 96 per drum) into a standard 205 litre oil drum, then arranging collection with a manifested waste company at an average price of £200 per drum. This equates to a typical disposal cost of £2.08 per can.

Option 2 – Join the ever growing number of customers and empty your can safely with our Aerosolv® can emptying system which removes contents and dangerous gases leaving you with a can that can be safely recycled even into your normal waste collection.

What about the contents and the gases? The gas is safely absorbed into our carbon filters and the remaining product goes back into the 205 Litre oil drum but this time you can fit the average amount of waste product from 4200 cans in one oil drum – you still have to get one drum collected at around £200 but now this is a waste cost of around £0.05p per can.

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Popular Questions:

What is the Aerosolv system? – Our Aerosolv system allow the customer to completely empty and safely trap excessive gas from used aerosols making the used cans SAFE and READY for STANDARD recycling.

Why use the Aerosolv system? – Traditionally customers need to use a registered safe collection and recycling company. Typically they can store on average 96 potentially unsafe cans in a 205 litre drum.

The cost of collection and disposal of the drum is around £200.00 per drum. With the Aerosolv system you can empty safely around 4200 cans into a single 205 litre drum. 1 Drum will be the same £200.00 recycling cost compared to around 43 drums for the same amount of cans x £200.00 = £8600.00.

Why buy the Aersolv system? TO SAVE £1000’s ON RECYCLING COSTS EVERY YEAR.

  • Saves money by reducing hazardous waste disposal costs
  • Minimizes waste by turning aerosol cans into recyclable scrap steel
  • Safely handles pressurized cans for secure and controlled disposal processing
  • Punctured, discharged, cans do not meet the definition of hazardous waste per EPA 40 CFR 261.23(a) (6), and thus can be treated as recyclable scrap metal.
  • One single 55-gallon (200L) drum holds approximately 4,200 spent aerosol cans.

Aerosolv® punctures and relieves pressure of spent aerosol cans, changing them from solid hazardous waste to a non-hazardous state.

See It In Action

The Aerosolv® cast-aluminium body threads into a standard 2″ (51mm) bung on a 30- (110L) or 55-gallon (200L) drum.

Aerosolv® accepts industry standard sized cans with a maximum height of 8½” (215-mm). Simply place an aerosol can into the unit, lock the lid to secure can in place, and then push down on the lever. The durable, non-sparking piercing pin punctures the can, and the residual liquids flow directly into the collection drum.

One single 55-gallon (200L) drum holds approximately 4,200 spent aerosol cans.

Residual propellants are filtered of VOCs by the two-part combination filter that threads directly to the 3/4″ bung.

The base coalescing cartridge transforms residual liquids into droplets that collect in the reservoir of the coalescing cartridge, allowing for easy drainage, directly into the drum if desired.

The activated carbon filter cartridge signals saturation and serves as a replacement reminder. Economical, non colour-changing filter is also available. System includes combination filter, safety goggles, and an anti-static ground wire with alligator clip.