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Justrite Rigid-Lock QuickBerm

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Justrite Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Safe, drive-in spill containment for drums, IBC totes, and tanks.

Single-piece construction – patented Rigid-Lock wall-support system integral to berm provides unobstructed work space.

Unmatched structural integrity

Exceptionally strong structural integrity includes a reinforced CriticalCorner™ design featuring wraparound diagonal radio frequency welds to prevent billowing, unwrapping, or sagging of the corners during full containment for fluid-tight reliability.

Like the QuickBerm® Plus the standard QuickBerm® withstands a broad range of chemicals including petroleum, oils, grease, and most acids— durable enough for extended wear.

Ergonomic design provides 100% inside berm accessibility with an unobstructed side-to-side floor space for vehicle tires, foot traffic, and cleaning. 

  • Quick and easy setup – no assembly required.
  • Durable modified PVC coated fabric withstands long-term UV exposure – great for outdoor use.
  • The patented Rigid-Lock wall-support design protects personnel against trips and falls when walking along the outside perimeter.
  • Built-in stainless steel wall supports lock the sidewalls in a 305-mm high, 90° vertical position.
  • The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® offers immediate, secure deployment and no-worry, spill-readiness.
  • Walls include a 25-mm fray-resistant finished hem along the top rim for added wall strength and integrity.
  • Each support includes a heavy-duty brass grommet for anchoring the berm under high wind conditions (Anchoring stakes not included).
  • Sidewalls lower quickly for easy drive-in and out.
  • Portable design folds down quickly for storage and transport.
  • Helps comply with EPA for containment and spill prevention (SPCC).

Note: the difference between the QuickBerm® Plus and the standard Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® is the durability of the PVC-coated fabric. The Plus version is thicker and more durable for more frequent drive-in or -out applications. 

This standard QuickBerm® is better suited for infrequent drive-in or –out scenarios, pedestrian traffic, and for placing heavy materials within the working space.

Note (1): For exterior dimension, add 254-mm) to width and length to account for support and grommet.

Note (2): When selecting a berm size, allow 305-mm at entry or exit for lowering and raising the wall.

Technical Details:

ModelCapacity (ltr.)Interior (mm)Folded (mm)Wall Height (mm)Weight (Kg)
JR-285126621200 x 1800610 x 610 x 13030010.9
JR-285148901200 x 2400610 x 610 x 15030012.7
JR-2851613441800 x 2400610 x 610 x 31030015.9
JR-2851817982400 x 2400660 x 660 x 31030018.6
JR-2851928203000 x 3000710 x 710 x 31030024.6
JR-2852454323700 x 4900660 x 660 x 41030039.1
JR-28532113186100 x 6100970 x 970 x 56030085.0

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