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Little Giant Hi Viz Green Fibreglass Podium Step

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Little Giant Hi Viz Green GRP Fibreglass Podium Step

Featuring Little Giant’s patent-pending Ground Cue® bottom-rung signal which trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding the user it is safe to step off the ladder. 

The Safety Cage is constructed of non-conductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite. 

Did you know?

Little Giant’s exclusive nonconductive hi-viz green rail has been scientifically proven to be the most visible hue of the colour spectrum to the human eye. 

The Safety Cage is mobile and lightweight compared to other enclosed platform options like scaffolds or powered lifts, so you can use it in areas where a mechanical lift or ordinary stepladder could never go. 

The Safety Cage allows operators to work hands-free in any direction in complete safety because, unlike platform stepladders with its “wrap-around” guardrail the operator is completely in compliance to tie-off rules.

The Safety Cage helps protect operators from the most common causes of stepladder falls, including standing on the top cap and over-reaching. 

The Safety Cage stores in a compact footprint and is easy to store and transport. 

Time- and energy-saving Tip & Glide™

Why Buy?

  • Slim storage profile
  • Tip & glide wheels for easy transport
  • Little Giant’s patent-pending Hi-Viz Green
  • Ground Cue indicator alerts user to last step
  • Fully enclosed platform 5” kick plate and midspan
  • Wheels make it quick and easy to move from job to job
  • Construction from high-strength fiberglass-resin composite
  • Self-enclosing platform is a versatile, safe alternative to ordinary step ladders

*Working height is calculated as 1,600mm plus the height of the platform or last climbing tread, whichever is appropriate.

Dimensions in mm

Treads Approx. Working Height* Platform Height Open Height Closed Height Width Open Depth Weight (kg)
4 2760 1160 2600 2620 740 1250 24.6
6 3340 1740 3200 3230 830 1620 30.1
8 3880 2280 3800 3830 920 2010 35.0
10 4220 2620 4400 4450 1000 2210 39.9


Technical Information

Technical Details:

Common Dimensions

Tread Depth: 75mm

Distance Between Treads: 300mm

Storage Depth: 150mm

Top Platform Tread (LxW): 520 x 450mm

Handrail Height: 1100mm

Warranty: 1-year

Max Load: 150kg

Standard: Conforms to EN131 Requirements

Material: GRP Fibreglass/Aluminium

Recommended Usage: Intensive

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