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Pallet Stacker – The Oskar 150Kg

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The Oskar 150Kg Pallet Stacker

The Oskar 150 is a brand new compact design designed to be lightweight (Just 32Kg), highly manoeuvrable but can still handle loads of 150Kg.

The pallet stacker is designed to be used in many environments including Offices, supermarkets, warehouses, factories. 

It is still only 32Kg allow safe lifting into vans and trucks even some cars!

Super strong wheels are designed not to break or give way under constant loads and stresses. They also are designed not to damage any flooring on the property.

  • Brand new design.
  • Easy handling at heavy loads with 360 degree rear wheel rotation.
  • Adjustable attachments for different requirements.
  • Super strong Wheels made from polyurethane
  • Compliant to standard 2006/42/EC
  • Suitable for loading cars/vans/trucks. Offices, supermarkets, warehouses, factories.
  • 1 year warranty

Model Oskar 150

Capacity: 150mm

Lifting height: 1000mm

Max length: 420mm

Min height: 100mm

Min length: 420mm

Net weight: 32Kg

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