Why buy from Seltek…

5 Key reasons why we like to think we can offer you a great service.

  • Market Focus – Seltek Warehouse is a division of Invotec Solutions Limited. We are a true B2B (Business to Business) supplier creating strong links with customers in both the private and public sectors.
  • Quality Products – We choose to work only with suppliers who have a proven track record of demonstrating quality products, acceptable delivery times and as a priority we always use British Suppliers when given the choice.
  • Real People, Real Customer Service – Whereas other suppliers may have an impersonal call centre for customer service (when you have a part number!) we understand ‘Widgets’ and ‘Thingy bobs’, we have real experienced people to talk to, many of whom are trained engineers, and who are able to talk through an idea or expand on a specification.‘Whilst we have a substantial website it surprises many customers that over 50% of our sales are generated by a telephone call with our office’ 
  • Business Terms – We understand that for many businesses, it is not as easy as click, pay by card and purchase the item(s) they require. Many of will require approval for a capital purchase,  ask for credit terms or would like other ways to pay, so please look at our payment options – we will always find a solution for you….more
  • Price Match Guarantee – Supplying thousands of products to customers in the UK and abroad, we are always mindful of your own cash-flow so we try to keep our prices as competitive as possible. This is a big job so where we have not met that challenge we offer a price match policy to ensure you are paying the best price every time….more