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Armorgard Pipestore Copper Pipe Vault

  • Ultimate Pipe Storage
  • For 3m and 6m pipe sizes
  • Ideal For site
  • 5 Lever Deadlock
  • Forklift Pockets
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Pipestor 575 x 3220 x 815 (3m) (£975.00)
Pipestor 575 x 6420 x 815 (6m) (£1,719.00)
Selected Item Ref : AG-PS-X

Selected Item Ref : AG-PS-X

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    • Ultimate Pipe Storage
    • For 3m and 6m pipe sizes
    • Ideal For site
    • 5 Lever Deadlock
    • Forklift Pockets
More Information


Introducing the Armorgard Pipestor™, the innovative mobile storage trunk that keeps your copper piping safe and organized and boasts additional security features.

Foil copper thieves with this ‘copper coffin’ – secured with a 5-lever deadlock, ensuring unparalleled protection for your valuable assets.

The Armorgard Pipestor™ is fully mobile and equipped with heavy-duty swivel castors that enhance its manoeuvrability on-site. This portable secure storage trunk provides 24/7 peace of mind, offering a divided interior with four sections to accommodate various pipe sizes and styles, from plastic and metal conduit to trunking and cable trays.

Designed for versatility, the Pipestor™ can be easily extended to accommodate longer pipe lengths by adding optional extra sections. Invest in a comprehensive solution that not only keeps your copper piping secure and organized but also offers the convenience of mobility and enhanced security features.


Pipestor AG-PS3
External: 575 x 3220 x 815mm
Internal: 4 x 200 x 200mm compartments
Weight: 133Kg

Pipestor AG-PS6
External: 575 x 6420 x 815mm
Internal: 4 x 200 x 205mm compartments
Weight: 256Kg

Discover Your Trustworthy Guardian: The Armorgard Pipestor


  • Internal Division for Organization: Internally divided into four separate compartments, the Pipestor ensures a well-organized storage space, easily accommodating different sizes and styles of pipes.
  • Advanced Security Measures: The door is secured with a 5-lever deadlock, and your valuable copper pipes are protected against theft and unauthorized access, providing peace of mind on the construction site.
  • Mobility at Your Fingertips: Fully mobile and fitted with heavy-duty swivel castors, the Pipestor offers unparalleled flexibility. Move it effortlessly to where you need it.
  • Maximum Durability with Powder Coating: Powder coated for maximum durability, the Armorgard Pipestor withstands the most demanding conditions, ensuring longevity and a lasting professional appearance.
  • Effortless Transformation with Forklift Skids: Equipped with forklift skids, the Pipestor facilitates easy transportation and positioning, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time on the construction site.
  • Robust Steel Plate Construction: Built with rugged steel plate construction, the Pipestor delivers maximum protection for your copper pipes.
  • Individualized Security with Serial Numbering: Each unit is serial numbered for replacement keys, allowing for individualized security.

Choose the Armorgard Pipestor for a comprehensive solution that combines security, mobility, and durability, tailored to meet the demands of your construction site.


  • 5 Lever Deadlocks
  • Standard 6″ Castors
  • Forklift Skids
  • Suitable For Sites

Technical Information

Weight: 133Kg (AG-PS3) 265Kg (AG-PS6)
Colour Black grey: RAL 7021
Suitable for: Sites
Finished coating: Powder coated
Material & thickness: 1.6mm steel
Suitable for vehicle mounting: No
How are castors fitted? Quick-x bolt on castor kit






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