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Bulk De-Icing White Salt – 850Kg to 1000Kg

  • De-Icing White Salt
  • Bulk Bag
  • 10kg or 25kg Bags
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850-900Kg Bulk Bag (£173.50)
40 x 25kg Back (1000Kg) (£224.50)
100 x 10Kg Bags (1000Kg) (£249.00)
Selected Item Ref : NW-SALT-WS-X

Selected Item Ref : NW-SALT-WS-X

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    • De-Icing White Salt
    • Bulk Bag
    • 10kg or 25kg Bags
More Information


De-Icing White salt is a superior choice for robust de-icing in challenging conditions. Our premium de-icing white salt is tailored for high-footfall areas like shopping centres and hospital car parks; this option lacks clay, minimising the need for floor cleaning as individuals enter buildings.

Granulated for seamless integration with spreading solutions, it boasts an anti-caking agent, ensuring suitability for long-term storage and readiness when needed.

Delivered in bulk bags on pallets weighing approximately 850kg, large packs weigh around 25kg each, with handy 10kg packs available in quantities of 100.


Deliveries are made kerb side, using a tail lift offload. The pallet is manoeuvred using a pallet pump truck. Goods are generally delivered to the kerb side or front of your property.
We cannot deliver over gravel or uneven surfaces.
Standard delivery is between 8.00am and 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
Please contact us for urgent or timed deliveries.


De-Icing White Salt

De-Icing White Salt, is formed in sunnier climates by evaporating sea water, is cleaner and purer.

Imported from salt plains in Spain or Egypt, it doesn’t leave a dirty residue, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Though slightly more expensive, White Salt is preferred by schools, hospitals, airports, and properties requiring constant cleanliness.

De-Icing Rock Salt

Rock Salt, a familiar brown option, is commonly used by highway agencies for road gritting.

Extracted from the rock Halite in underground mines worldwide, the Winsford salt mine in Cheshire is the UK’s largest source.

While cost-effective for large areas, Rock Salt leaves a slight residue, requiring additional cleaning.


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