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ESL- Electric Double Scissor Lifts 300-800Kg

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ESL - 300Kg - Raised Height 1600mm (£1,869.00)
ESL - 500Kg - Raised Height 1618mm (£1,969.00)
ESL - 800Kg - Raised Height 1440mm (£2,069.00)
Selected Item Ref : LM-GRP-ESL-X

Selected Item Ref : LM-GRP-ESL-X

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ESL Electric Scissor Lift Tables 300-800Kg

Our ESL range of scissor lift tables consist of medium to heavy duty battery powered single and double electric lift tables which are easy to operate.

The tables are used for a variety of work functions and are therefore versatile lifting aids within industrial, workshop, warehouse and other environments.

Different table tops (e.g. rotating, with rollers, ball bearings) can be fitted to most tables and we can also design and build completely bespoke versions to match your requirements.

  • Capacities 300 – 800kg.
  • Lift heights to 1600mm.
  • Robust yet lightweight construction.
  • Simple handle mounted control pod.
  • Easily accessible battery unit.
  • 12V maintenance free battery.
  • 700W dc power pack.
  • Overload and bypass valve.
  • Two fixed and two swivel castors.
  • Guards and brakes on swivel castors.
  • Fitted with two maintenance stops.

Options Include:

*** NOTE *** OPTIONS ONLY Available with LM-ESL30D and LM-ESL50D Models

Ball Transfer Top - Capacity 450Kg - Platform 1010mm L x 560mm W
Straight Roller Track - Capacity 450Kg - Platform 1010mm L x 500mm W
Turntable Roller Track - Capacity 200Kg - Top Length 710mm x Top Width 505mm

Technical Details:

ModelCapacity (Kg)Platform (mm)Closed Height (mm)Raised Height (mm)Handle Height (mm)Wheels (mm)Weight (Kg)
LM-ESL30D3001010 x 52049516001180150183
LM-ESL50D5001010 x 52043516181180150198
LM-ESL80D8001010 x 52051014401180150208

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