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Magliner – Aluminium Heavy Duty Platform Truck – 725-1360Kg

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Magliner – Aluminium Heavy Duty Platform Truck – 725-1360Kg

The Magliner heavy duty platform truck is designed for tough load handling.

Constructed from heavy duty yet lightweight aluminium it has a smooth platform deck and a reinforced box-section frame for extra strength and durability.

Your selection of wheels determines the capacity of the platform truck

Wheels Choice:

Black thermoplastic rubber: Easy to push and roll with flat hard tread. Limited noise absorption. Performs well on all surfaces. 125mm (725Kg) or 200mm (1270Kg)

Grey thermoplastic rubber: Round tread, non-marking, good shock and noise absorption. Easy starting and rolling. 125mm (725Kg) or 200mm (1270Kg)

Maroon polyurethane: Resistant to water, chemicals and solvents. Hard tread for easy rolling. Performs well on all surfaces. 125mm (1360Kg) or 200mm (1360Kg)

Why Buy?

Heavy-duty lightweight aluminium.
Smooth surface platform deck.
Reinforced box-frame construction for strength and durability.
Designed for tough load handling.
Durable extruded corner sockets integrated with frame.
Optional Castor parking brake.

Technical Details:

Capacities: 725, 1270 or 1360 kg
Platform Sizes: 915 x 610mm, 1525 x 760mm or 1825 x 915mm
Weight: 45Kg (915 x 610mm model), 61Kg (1525 x 760 model), 78Kg (1825 x 915mm model)

About Magliner Sack Trucks

The Best Aluminium Hand Trucks in the World? Probably

Magliner® from Magline Inc. have been committed to creating innovative solutions that help people transport materials more safely and efficiently for over 70 years.

The Magliner® brand is the global leader in material handling equipment representing a legacy built on innovation, quality and value.

The range of sack trucks, sack barrows, trolleys and carts are mostly built from Aluminium, so they are lightweight but very strong and built to last.

Choose the correct professional truck for the right job at a price you will like.

Magliner products are developed to meet the customer’s needs.

It’s that simple. Safety. Ergonomics. Productivity.

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