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Magliner – Three Position Hand and Sack Truck – 10″ Wheels – 225-340Kg

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AM-Die-Cast Toe - 350W x 190D (£682.00)
HM-Die-Cast Toe - 355W x 300D (£682.00)
UM-Die-Cast Toe - 455W x 190D (£682.00)
(1010) 10" Puncture Resistant Foam
(1030) 10" Puncture Resistant Balloon Cushion Rubber
(1060) 10" Pneumatic Tube Type
Selected Item Ref : LM-GRP-TPAUA4

Selected Item Ref : LM-GRP-TPAUA4

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Magliner – Three Position Hand and Sack Truck – 10″ Wheels – 225-340Kg

The Magliner Three Position Hand and Sack Truck is a sack truck, incline self-supporting truck and a platform trolley in one unit.

Choice of Die-Cast Toes – 350W x 190Dmm, 350W x 300Dmm or 455W x 190Dmm

Choice of Wheels – (10”) 250mm pneumatic tube-type tyres, (10”) 250mm puncture resistant, non-marking balloon cushion rubber tyres or (10”) 250mm puncture resistant, microcellular foam tyres.

You can quickly convert from a 2 wheel sack truck, an incline self-supporting sack truck (225Kg) to a 4 wheel trolley (340Kg) in seconds for larger loads.

A modular design means no welds to break and all parts are replaceable for longer product life

Why Buy?

3-in-1 truck converts from 2 to 4 wheels in seconds
Built-in 685mm containment arm recesses into the frame when not in use.
Inclined position for door entry and support with loads that do not stack well.
Traditional four-wheel platform truck with 340kg capacity accommodates larger loads
High capacities reduce number of trips per day
Strong, lightweight construction reduces user fatigue
Modular design means no welds to break
All parts are replaceable for longer product life
Straight back frame with cross bars
Loop Handles

About Magliner Sack Trucks

The Best Aluminium Hand Trucks in the World? Probably

Magliner® from Magline Inc. have been committed to creating innovative solutions that help people transport materials more safely and efficiently for over 70 years.

The Magliner® brand is the global leader in material handling equipment representing a legacy built on innovation, quality and value.

The range of sack trucks, sack barrows, trolleys and carts are mostly built from Aluminium, so they are lightweight but very strong and built to last.

Choose the correct professional truck for the right job at a price you will like.

Magliner products are developed to meet the customer’s needs.

It’s that simple. Safety. Ergonomics. Productivity.

Products in our Magliner® Range

Two-Wheel Hand Trucks
Folding Hand Trucks
Two Position Hand Trucks
Three Position Hand Trucks
Folding Trolleys
Platform Trucks
Gemini® Convertible Trucks

Technical Details

Technical Details

Two-Wheel Position
Overall height: 1295mm
Overall width: 530mm
Capacity: 225kg
Tyres: 10” 250mm
U nose plate choice : 350W x 190Dmm, 350W x 300Dmm or 455W x 190Dmm
Folding recessed nose (W x L) 230 x 685mm
Folding recessed nose capacity 135kg

Four Wheel & Incline Position
Overall height: 1015mm
Cargo area (W x L): 300 x 1270mm
Capacity: 340kg
Castors: 125 x 30mm
Weight: 19kg