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Pallet Racking Frames 2500-6000mm High

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2500mm High - UK Frame - 900D (£209.00)
2500mm High - EURO Frame - 1100D (£219.00)
3000mm High - UK Frame - 900D (£235.00)
3000mm High - EURO Frame - 1100D (£249.00)
4000mm High - UK Frame - 900D (£279.00)
4000mm High - EURO Frame - 1100D (£289.00)
5000mm High - UK Frame - 900D (£329.00)
5000mm High - EURO Frame - 1100D (£345.00)
6000mm High - UK Frame - 900D (£395.00)
6000mm High - EURO Frame - 1100D (£409.00)
Selected Item Ref : AN-GRP-MPRF-X

Selected Item Ref : AN-GRP-MPRF-X

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Pallet Racking Frames 2500-6000mm High

Technical Details:

Frame Load: 11000Kg (Frame capacity is calculated at a beam pitch of 1500mm, and a run of five 2700mm wide bays.)

Frame Depths: 900mm (UK Pallets) 100mm (EURO Pallets)

Frame adjustment pitch: 50mm

Frame Construction: Steel Galvanised

Frame Heights: 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000mm

What’s included?

1 x Frame Upright

Metal Feet

All Bracing

Fixings (Including Through bolts)


U and L shape Frame protectors)

Our heavy duty pallet racking offers you a fast storage solution for pallet storage with delivery within 5 working days.

We offer frame depths of 900mm and 1100m designed to take both UK and Euro pallet sizes.

The pallet racking beams can accommodate loads of up to 3790Kg.

Frame loading up to 11000Kg with a choice of 5 frame heights, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000mm.

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