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Armorgard Volthub Box – 1770 x 750mm (VH16)

  • lithium-ion Charger and Protection
  • Size: 1770 x 750 x 1820mm
  • Auto Power Off
  • Audible/Visual Text indications
  • Invividual Charging Lockers
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Selected Item Ref : AG-VH16

£10,255.00 + VAT - £12,306.00 - Inc. Vat

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    • lithium-ion Charger and Protection
    • Size: 1770 x 750 x 1820mm
    • Auto Power Off
    • Audible/Visual Text indications
    • Invividual Charging Lockers

More Information


The Armorgard VoltHub is a groundbreaking, all-in-one indoor and outdoor unit with an IP rating designed to charge Li-ion batteries safely. With proactive features, it consistently mitigates fire risks and significantly reduces the potential consequences of a battery fire breakout.

This innovative unit is engineered with purpose-built features to ensure optimal battery conditions and minimise the risk of fires from the outset. In the unfortunate event of a fire, VoltHub swiftly responds with an audible and visual alarm coupled with a GSM module to notify a designated phone number. Simultaneously, the unit suppresses the fire, preventing thermal propagation to neighbouring lockers and charging equipment.

Making Li-ion battery charging safe has never been easier – VoltHub is user-friendly, requires minimal servicing, and operates with a single external socket. It takes charge of the entire process, allowing you to leave it all to VoltHub.

Designed for safety, VoltHub combines passive and active technology with a battery backup. Invest in the Armorgard VoltHub and confidently take control of Li-ion battery charging protection.


External: 1770 x 750 x 1820mm
Internal Small Lockers: 260 x 355 x 260mm x 12
Internal Large Lockers: 475 x 355 x 260mm x 4
Lockers: 16
32 x 230V RCD sockets
Weight: 334Kg

Discover Your Trustworthy Guardian: The Armorgard Volthub



Temperature Management:

  • Power Cut-off at 60℃ or More: Ensuring optimal safety, VoltHub proactively cuts off power when the internal temperature surpasses 60℃.
  • Forced Ventilation: A strategic ventilation system keeps air flowing through VoltHub, preventing overheating and ensuring efficient lithium battery charging.
  • Thermostatic Heater: Maintains the internal temperature at optimum levels, guaranteeing the longevity of your tools and batteries.

Power Control:

  • Isolator Switch: One isolator switch manages the power supply to VoltHub, allowing for efficient operational management.

Emergency Operation:

  • Fire Suppression and Alert Systems: VoltHub’s fire suppression and alert systems remain fully operational, providing continuous protection even without mains power.
  • Visual and Audible Alarms: In the event of a fire, VoltHub immediately signals with visual and audible alarms, ensuring swift response and heightened safety.
  • Fire Suppression System: VoltHub acts as a proactive Battery Fire Protection Cabinet specifically designed to respond to lithium-ion battery fires.
  • GSM Phone and Text Alerts: Stay connected with real-time alerts via GSM phone and text messages, ensuring you’re informed and can respond promptly.

Early Warning Systems:

  • Gas and Smoke Detection: VoltHub’s early gas and smoke detection capabilities offer an additional layer of security, allowing for proactive measures.

Environmental Sensing:

  • Humidity Sensor: Enhancing safety, VoltHub features a humidity sensor that adapts to environmental conditions and ensures optimal charging.

Armorgard VoltHub is where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled safety, providing a charging solution that exceeds expectations.

Elevate your workspace with the assurance of security and the efficiency of Armorgard VoltHub.

Charge forward with confidence!


  • Automatic Fire Suppression
  • Power Supply 230V
  • RDC Protection
  • Suitable for Site
  • Safety Signage
  • Crane Lifting Eyes
  • Standard 200mm Castors
  • Built In Handles

Technical Information

Weight: 334kg
Colour Black grey: RAL 7021, Trafc red: RAL 3020
Suitable for: lithium-ion battery charging
Finished coating: Powder coated
Material & thickness: 1.5mm steel
Quantity of keys: 2 keys
Suitable for vehicle mounting: Yes
How are castors fitted? Castor plates
Ventilation: 16
Lockers: 16
Number of Sockets: 32 x 230V



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