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Cemo Lithium Batteries Plastic Collection Container

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195 Litres Capacity (£425.00)
610 Litres Capacity (£505.00)
Selected Item Ref : CE-GRP-Plastic Collection Container

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Selected Item Ref : CE-GRP-Plastic Collection Container

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Cemo Lithium Batteries Plastic collection container is an optimum storage and transport system which is ideal for collecting lithium batteries and other solid hazardous goods (classified in packaging groups II and III) for recycling and disposal.

Used for:
Intact lithium batteries >100Wh (usual case).
Prototypes* (See chart/image).
Batteries for disposal or recycling.
Damaged/Defective Batteries* (See chart/image).

Why Buy?

UN Approved.
Capacity: 195 and 610 Litres.
High-density, impact-resistant PE plastic (PE-HD).
Stackable and safe to transport.
Ideal for collecting lithium batteries for recycling and disposal.

For reasons of fire protection, use only in combination with suitable buffer material (e.g. vermiculite or expanded glass granulate). Observe packaging instructions (e.g. P909) for ADR-compliant transport. Delivery with lid and ratchet tie-down.

Technical Details:

Construction: High-density, impact-resistant PE plastic (PE-HD)

Small Model
External Dimensions: (L x D x H) 1200 x 800 x 400mm
Internal Dimensions: (L x D x H) 1115 x 715 x 245mm
Collection Volume: 195 Litres
Approx. Filled Weight: 300Kg

Large Model
External Dimensions: (L x D x H) 1200 x 1000 x 760mm
Internal Dimensions: (L x D x H) 1120 x 920 x 600mm
Collection Volume: 610 Litres
Approx. Filled Weight: 400Kg


55 Litre sack of expanded glass granulate.
50 Litre sack of vermiculite.
Lining bag for plastic collection container Small or Large.

Lithium batteries are classified as hazardous goods under transport law. UN approval of the container is not sufficient to ensure that all requirements for ADR compliant transport of lithium batteries are satisfied in all cases. We therefore advise our customers to familiarise themselves with this topic and to provide comprehensive training for their employees on how to use the containers in compliance with regulations.

We recommend the use of Expanded glass granulate or vermiculite.
Both materials have long been tried and tested buffers in hazardous goods packaging. Used carefully, these granulates can prevent flames from spreading from one cell to another. Expanded glass granulate is particularly suitable for lithium battery applications, because it forms a protective shielding layer around the cells in the event of a fire.

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