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Cemo Lithium Battery PREMIUM PLUS Charging Cabinet 8/10

  • Lithium Battery Charging Cabinet
  • Single Phase
  • 890 x 660 x 1110 mm
  • NEW: LockEX Pressure Controller Doors
  • Smoke Detectors, Power and Ventilation
  • Temp Display, Remote Alarms
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    • Lithium Battery Charging Cabinet
    • Single Phase
    • 890 x 660 x 1110 mm
    • NEW: LockEX Pressure Controller Doors
    • Smoke Detectors, Power and Ventilation
    • Temp Display, Remote Alarms
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The CEMO Premium Plus lithium battery Charging Cabinet 8/10 has LockEX Pressure-Controlled Doors. It includes an Electronic smoke detector (without audible alarm), a power supply in the cabinet, power disconnection in case of smoke detection, and an internal temperature display, with remote alarm and data transmission via SIM card; additional functions via remote access.

  • The new spring-based CEMO LockEX door locking system provides controlled pressure relief during explosions.
  • The Cemo battery charging cabinet includes a voltage-free output on the outside of the cabinet and can be connected to a fire alarm system and a 12 V connection, for example, to an accessory combination alarm unit (visual and audible)
  • The cabinet features technical ventilation, a power disconnection mechanism that activates in case of heat development, and a door contact switch for added safety.
  • 400 V version with 3-phase power supply (2 x 3500 W / 2 x 16 A)
  • Fitted with 2 x 6-way socket power strip (3500 W, 16 A)
  • A fan manages heat dissipation during charging.
  • If the doors are opened, the charging current is immediately interrupted, and charging stops automatically in the event of a malfunction or accident, ensuring the safety of your operations.
  • Additionally, the vents are sealed with thermocouples to ensure maximum safety.


Fire prevention is paramount when charging lithium batteries. CEMO now offers a safe solution to address this critical need. By providing essential safety equipment, the risk and impact of battery fires can be significantly reduced, ensuring a safer environment.


  • Safe Storage for Lithium Batteries: The LockEX Battery Charging Cabinet is designed to hold and charge lithium batteries.
  • Early Damage Detection: Equipped with an early alarm system to detect and alert users in case of battery damage.
  • Compliance with Safety Regulations: Adheres to all relevant safety standards for charging lithium batteries.
  • Efficient Battery Management: Ideal for separating charged batteries from those in storage.
  • Versatile Installation Options: Can be used as an under-table cabinet, conveniently fitting under workbenches.
  • TÜV NORD Group Certifications: Tested under the latest protocols, including accurate battery fire testing and induced gas explosions.
  • MPA-Certified Fire Resistance: Provides 60 minutes of fire resistance from the inside out, according to DIN EN 1363-1 standards.
  • Non-Combustible and Fire-Resistant Materials: The cabinets are built to withstand high temperatures and prevent combustion.
  • Innovative Door Locking Mechanism: This mechanism features the new spring-based CEMO LockEX door locking system, which provides controlled pressure relief during explosions.
  • Advanced Fire Prevention Seals: Special seals prevent flames from escaping the cabinet.
  • Cold Smoke-Tight Sealing: Ensuring openings are tightly sealed to prevent the spread of cold smoke.
  • Easy to Relocate: Designed for easy transportation and placement at the installation site.
  • Fitted with Secure Double Doors: Lockable double doors with robust locks and hinges for added security.
  • Distinctive Design: The doors are painted in a vibrant orange (RAL 2004) with a grey body (RAL 7035) for easy identification and an attractive appearance.
  • CEMO LockEX Battery Charging Cabinets provide a comprehensive solution to ensure safety when charging lithium batteries. They combine robust construction, innovative features, and adherence to stringent safety standards.

Technical Details

Single phase: 230V

External dimensions (l x w x h): 890 x 660 x 1110 mm

Internal dimensions (l x w x h): 730 x 530 x 880 mm

Weight approx. 135 kg

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