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Cemo Safety Container for Lithium Batteries

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The Cemo Safety Container for Batteries has the highest safety level currently capable of approval.

It is one box for all lithium battery states as per ADR 2019 and is even suitable even for lithium batteries which are unsafe to transport, critically faulty or damaged (P911).

The safety container is suitable for lithium batteries up to 20Kg and its possible to transport on public roads in accordance with the regulations.

Used for:
Intact lithium batteries >100Wh (usual case).
Batteries for disposal or recycling.
Damaged/Defective Batteries.
Critically damaged/defective batteries (not safe to transport)

Why Buy?

UN Approved.
Highest safety level currently capable of approval.
Stackable plastic container with fireproof cushioning and absorbent material
Sturdy lid lock with two belts.
Folding handles for simple handling.
Time saving thanks to filling in empty space and embedding using only two formable special pads (included in scope of delivery).
Usable as a stationary safety container for storage.
Ideal for safely storing and separating prototypes, quarantined batteries, and defective goods.


Real battery fire tests passed for the test relevant to approval according to P911:

Temperature on the container exterior remains below 100 °C.
No flame formation outside the container.
Lateral gas management system including smoke routing and filter system.

Technical Details:

External Dimensions: (L x D x H) 600 x 400 x 340mm
Internal Dimensions: (L x D x H) 480 x 280 x 180mm
Empty Weight: 9.7Kg


Replacement Formable Pads – 400 x 580mm